Latitude: 28o 31' 13" N. Longitude: 80o 51' 03'' W . Elevation:14.95 Feet

YTotal cost less than $500. $175 for the 8' X 6' metal Garden Shed,$100 for the slab Probably $200 misc expense.
Of course, I did all the work myself so there's a saving there.

Well You have to start somewhere 06/11/00. Rain Clouds in the background, I hope this is not a indication of the sky to come after the Observatory is complete This shows the location and construction of the Pier
Electrical, Pier and reinforcing is all ready for concrete. Concrete Slab is in the Ground 06/17/00. Checkout the Blue Skies
Roof has been installed on rollers. Roof starting to roll-off.
Roof in the Full back position. Picture of the roller assembly
A picture of my reference table with Ebony star formica with storage below. The Wall Quick reference charts
The finished product minus the grass This is me, Proud Owner, I am glad I'm tall! Boy what legs
This is a picture of the 5" Celestron Comet Catcher, Orion Short Tube 80mm and Celestron C-90 on the Losmandy GM-8. The observatory really got crowded quick with the tripod. This is a picture of the 4" dia. Steel Pier I built. I purchased a Losmandy MA adapter base and bolted it to the top of a 40" piece of 4" carbon steel sch. 40 pipe. Welded a base on and mounted it to the concrete pier that I poured the the picture above. This really finished my observatory. Just have to finish it with some indoor/outdoor carpet.

Special Thanks To Dr. Hoffler, who has helped me, with his great knowledge and advice in Astronomy and Observatory Contruction. I have never constructed an Observatory and have very little knowledge of what is required. I am very familiar with construction and building requirements but not for Observatories


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