My newest Telescope is a Orion/Vixen R200SS 8" F/4 Refector, 800mm focal length and a 80mm f/5 Orion Short Tube Refractor with SBIG ST-4 autoguider. My tripod is a Pier mount GM-8 with the MA adapter bolted to the pier.
This is the total setup with all the wires attached. This picture was shot at Chiefland November 2004 Star Party. I think I won the contest with the most wires. Most of the wires were for heater the first few nights it was wet. Man was it wet!
New telescope 12/08/06, I purchased this off of Astromart and met the seller and picked it up. This sucker was cheap. A Celestron C-8 with a CG5 with dual drive motors and 4 nice eyepeices for a sweet price. So low I don't want to say. I bought it for the focal length. I am switching to a New dedicated Astronomy CCD camera SBIG ST-2000xm with tc-237 guiding chip. The really deep space stuff (m-51, m-104 the small deep space stuff). I plan to sell the tripod and all the eyepieces to help minimize the overall all cost. In the end, I will have a Celestron C-8 for about the cost of a new finderscope.
Celestron Comet Catcher 5.5" aperture f 3.6, Orion ST-80 Short Tube 80mm f 5, a 11 x 80 Finder and a Minolta SRT-101 Piggyback camera mount. SBIG ST-4 autoguider is not included in this picture with a Losmandy GM-8 tripod with. This picture was taken on a trip to Jacobs Lake, Arizona. I flew out there with all this equipment. 190lbs checked bags
Very nice TeleVue product "Pronto" 70mm f/6.8 480F.L. ED objective.Air-spaced, two-element, semi-apochromat. A very nice airline carry-on telescope.
Celestron C-90 F-ratio 11 F-length 1000mm Very Nice Little Scope and powerful scope. A scope that is great for traveling.
Well the Truss is complete and fully functional with a lot of improvements added during construction. If you would like to see more pictures I have added a whole page Truss
It was great experience to build this telescope from some sketches that I made on a sketch pad. I sold it in Feb 2004, sometimes I am sorry I sold it. An 8"f/6 Just DOES NOT CUT IT!!!
Having 11 x 80mm on a tripod is great. If you never have used a big pair of binoculars on parrallelogram tripod, you need to try it. It's STEREO STARS.
My Observing chair very portable, adjustable and sturdy. I can sit on the top rung without any problem at all.
This is the newest addition to my equipment. A Cam-Trak Built by Ed Byers (the Famous Gear Maker). When these were made I really don't know. It totally fully function Equatorial Mount to be installed on a tripod. The unit is powered by a 12 vac (yes, ac) motor that is 15 rph, 1 rpm every 4 minutes. I borrowed one from a friend that have one. Dave Kodama has a very nice webpage explaing all the information about this unit Cam-Trak This unit if polar aligned properly very accurate wide field astrophotography. I used it for the pictures at Tulomme Meadows in Yosemite National Park. Please review my new page for the Byers Cam Trak My Cam Trak with scanned documents for the new Cam Trak I recently purchased.
My new camper, a 2004 Mountain Star 9 1/2 ft with Bathroom and shower. I have all the luxuries of home, color TV (with remote),microwave, a/c, am/fm cd radio, fresh coffee or hot chocolate for late COOL nights observing, and complete with a red light for seeing inside while at a star party. This picture was taken at Chiefland 2004 Star Party. (great star party). My camper provides all necessary items, portability, food, warmth, and fun. Totally self-contained and will operate off of batteries.
I went to meet some friends at Kissimmee Praire State Park, Fl. Boy, that area is dark. Anyway to make a long story short, I had seen one of the Famous Florida Voting Booth at another star party and really thought it would be really nice Star Map Table. Terry a member of Indian River Astronomy had 2 of them. I got one and a friend got the others. Voter's Booth
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