Byers Cam-Trak
I purchased a Byers CamTrak from a friend and included was these printed
documents that I wanted to share with everyone. This is valuable documentation for this unique Instrument.
The scanned Sales brochure, instructions, drawings and polarscope aligment information are below the pictures.

The entire package, Cam-Trak,12vdc to 12vac power supply, 3 counterweights,
illuminated polar, Byers Cam-trak case and Documentation
A close up showing the illuminated polar scope with brightness control.
This is the first, I have seen with a illuminated polar scope attached.
A close up of the Cam-Trak Unit. The only thing that needs work is the counterweights are
scuffed up from being carried in the case without protection between the weights.
A close up showing the Cam-Trak packed in the carrying case. It even has the
allen wrench to tighten the camera holding knob, and make adjustments for elevation

CamTrak Sales Brochure Page 1 Brochure Page 1 2.03meg
CamTrak Sales Brochure Page 2 Brochure Page 2 2.15meg
CamTrak Sales Brochure Page 3 Brochure Page 3 2.09meg
CamTrak Sales Brochure Page 4 Brochure Page 4 2.28meg
Cam Trak Instructions Page 1 Instruction Page1 457kb
Cam Trak Instructions Page 2 Instruction Page2 423kb
Cam Trak Instructions Page 3 Instruction Page3 401kb
Cam Trak Drawing Page 1 Drawing Page1 369kb
Cam Trak Drawing Page 2 Drawing Page2 359kb
Cam Trak PolarScope Aligment Page 1 PolarScope1 407kb
Cam Trak PolarScope Aligment Page 2 PolarScope2 70kb

I am doing this to share the information. I do not intend to violate any copyrights by Edwards R. Byers Co., if anyone has an issue with the scanned information,
please let me know and I will remove these immediately.