The aurora pictures were taken on 11/20/2003, at 2003 Chiefland Star Party in Chiefland, Florida
(Lat 29.24). I was fortunate enough to have witnessed the rare aurora event in Florida and was lucky enough to have my camera lense open at the time of the Meteor/Bolide flash (about 5-6 secs.). The pictures were shoot with a Minolta SRT-101 28mm Lense f 2.8.
The funniest thing is, I drove to Chiefland on Saturday 11/15/03, preparing to enjoy a weeklong star party after unloading all my equipment, I realized that I had left all my cameras at home and Sunday (11/16/03), I had to drive 6.5 hours (380 miles) round trip back to my home in Titusvile,fl. to get all my cameras.