Well, I have surrender to the digital camera revolution and purchased a Canon Rebel XT camera, 8.3 mpixel. The camera came as a package which included a 18-55mm Autofocus Lens. I was a little apprenhensive when I received the camera. I have a Sony point and shot pocket camera 5.1 mpixel and starting examining the camera and realized this camera could not display the picture you were about to shot on the little LCD screen on the back (like my Sony), and after examining it a little more in detail the DSLR design did not allow this feature. This camera is the same as a the old style SLR camera but with a digital CMOS instead of a roll of film. After taking some pictures with the camera, viewing the images indicator the quality of the camera.

The images are Awesome, that you can zoom and zoom and zoom without seeing the square pixels found in many lower quality point and shot digital cameras. The camera has some unbelieveable features,focuses in a flash, total adjustable film speed from ISO 100 - 1600, very long lasting battery, very clear images, instant review of your pictures and adjustable focus in the viewer. This is just a few of the features. PLUS, you can attach it to a Telescope just like the old SLR cameras and take astro pictures with instant review. I have taken some recent astrophotos and while monitoring the downloaded pictures, I had 4 different satellites pass thru the images during 6 minutes of exposures. All I had to do was shot 4 more images. Now that is nice, previously I would not have discovered the satellites until I had the film developed.

Anyway, if you care to review some of the film or digital images just click the buttons below.