This Observatory is dedicated to My Mother and Father that are in the Heavens that I view!

and Without them, I would not be who I am today!

HistoryThe Origin of the name for my Observatory is during early days almost every star photograph I shot had STAR TRAILS. In astrophotography, you go thru a learning curve very fast. You learn more about your camera, telescope and tripod than ever before. You experiment a lot. I learned about earth rotation and alignment really fast. My first exposure to astrophotography was with a tripod mounted Minolta X-370 with a f 1.7 lense and a roll of Konica 3200 film. I shot probably 10 frames at 30 sec time exposure. I had them developed and the stars were there and a lot more (nebulas, star cluster and a few galaxies),that's all it took I was hooked.

Aurora Pictures of the Chiefland Aurora 11/20/03

There are not many as of 08/30/03 but I am being optimistic so I have added this section anyway!

A 8' X 6' Garden Shed Roll-Off
(I don't know if everyone would call it an Observatory but I am!)

This is the astronomy group I belong to. Kennedy Space Center Amateur Astronomers

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Thanks for taking the time to view my Hompage and Clear Skies to all!

Also, I operate AstroElectric , a company that supplies electronic items for Astronomers. Check it out, if you need cables or other Astro electronic items.

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