I have been handling the website for Kennedy Space Center Amateur Astronomers for about 3 years. During this time, I have continiously received email from people all over the country. Questions about good viewing locations and club meetings in the areas in which they are vacationing in. Sometimes I am at a loss for information about other astronomy clubs in florida.
This Page is a start to try to get all florida astronomy clubs to form an alliance.

This infomation will be available for all persons interested in astronomy to see and get information about your club, information about club meetings and star party locations. This is a free service to all.

All you need to do is to put some information together and email it to me and I will post it. Examples of information Logos (please limit logo size to HEIGHT=200 WIDTH=450 & about 20K), geographical location, largest city you are near,membership size, links to maps and anything else you feel is good. Please talk to your club officers and see if they are interested

If anyone wants to help with this page as far as programming special submit java script to automatically add club listings and information this would be a great help.

We can make this anything we want, maybe, a Florida Astronomy equipment For Sale Section

Any questions please contact me, Mike:email to:>>>> mikecr at cfl.rr.com <<<cut and paste the email address into your email
If you can add the FLORIDA ASTRONOMY CLUB CONNECTION Logo found at the top of this page to the bottom of your club's website and link it back that would be all I ask.
Here is the HTML code, Just copy the text below and paste it to your html code

Let's see where this goes! Here is a Florida Map that your club's location be plotted on and given a Key Number

There is a lot of interest in this, Thanks to Everyone!!!!
GOD forbid, if necessary, we will have a stolen Florida Astronomy Equipment Page. This page might detour anyone from thinking about stealing our Expensive astronomy equipment that we have spent our hard earned money on!