Tired of trying to align your Losmandy Gm-8 or G-11, Celestron CI-700 or AstroPhysics 900 & 1200 Tripods with that SUPER BRIGHT LED Polar Scope. Ever had the wires break from a lot of use or abuse. Solve this problem and control the Brightness of the LED with the Adjustable Battery controller for the Losmandy and Astro Physics tripod polar scopes (batteries included). Any polar scope manufactured by Hutech. Fully adjustable dial from full on (100 %) to off (0 %) and all settings in between, you set the brightness you need to see those faint stars. Complete batteries and ready to use, just connect to your Polar Scope and dial away. If you have a different type of Tripod/polar scope please inquire about other models available.
Physical size is 2" X 3" X 1"

Price $29.95 + $3.00 s/h +$1.55 Paypal fee
International Orders $3.00 additional


The LED is just for indication that the batteries are functional but dims proportional with the dial setting. The 2 jacks are for the different wiring connections for Losmandy and AstroPhysics Polar scopes. This allows any polar scope that uses an LED for the light scource. Losmandy recently changes the wiring of the LED for the polar scope. (this fixes that problem)

This is a photo of customer's G-11 with Gemini using a AstroElectric Dimmer Controller. Photo used with owner's permission. This guys thinks that this is the best thing since sliced bread. Here's how he described my product "I just received my Astroelectric Polar Scope Dimmer Controller today. It is worth every penny. No more of the little blue battery bag BS. This little sweetie looks good on the G11 and works like a charm. I used 2 strips of 3M double-sided tape to stick it to the Gemini panel."

Can ship to International Address

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